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TU Go is now more accessible than ever


O2’s TU Go business application enables customers to use their O2 mobile number on tablets and laptops and make calls over wifi. Keeping business connected.

Over recent months, the demand for this popular app has sky-rocketed and customers now want more flexibility to use the service even when they’re not connected to wifi.

O2 have listened, and launched TU Go 2.5. An update now available for android, iOS and WP8 devices that enables usage over 3G and 4G connections.
Users can now take advantage of TU Go to make calls, texts and access voicemails whenever they have mobile data available. Allowing even greater coverage and connectivity.

The update also allows you to download the app as many times as you like, but you can still only be logged in on a maximum of 10 devices at one time.

For more information about business applications from O2, please speak to your Account Manager. Don’t forget to stay connected to wifi for the majority of TU Go use so that you’re not using excessive mobile data allowance.