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Samsung’s new toys


With the recent release of Windows brand new operating system, 8, Samsung have uncovered some shiny new toys, another assault on the Apple Corporation. The all new Samsung ATIV range running on Win 8 is promised to be an innovative sleek, fast and fun user experience. This is partly achieved due to the aesthetically pleasing Dynamic Tile based user navigation. Although this threesome may look similar, they differ greatly in character. From left to right in the images above, the ATIV S is the new smart phone (due to be released later in November). Offering a platform for both work and entertainment, with a superior 4.8” HD display, 2 cameras (8 and 1.9mp) with 1080p full HD video recording, plus many other next generation features.
Next, the ATIV Tab, running Windows RT, flaunts a 10.1” HD display (the largest in its class), with 12 hours of battery life, it is an interesting alternative to the iPad. Finally, the ATIV smart PC pro is a revolutionary combination of PC and tablet with a convertible design. It will also use the Win 8 Pro OS with an Intel i5/i3 processor for lightening fast viewing, a giant 11.6” display and remote working with the option of Wi-Fi or 4G. As well as of course an arsenal of next generation features. Most importantly though, the ATIV PC pro will offer full integration with Windows office PCs, so you can take your work conveniently and easily home and vice versa. Discover more features from this new range, contact your Account Manager.