Your Mobile Partner

Livvy’s join O2’s Direct Network Partnership


At Livvy’s, we believe that O2 offer the best business mobility solutions on the market - that's why we always recommend their products.

This trust has built over the years, we know that their products work well and offer customers a comprehensive range of mobile solutions. In fact we believe and trust in O2 so much, that moving forward we will only be offering their products to our customers!
Livvy’s are proud to be one of the select businesses working in O2’s Direct Network Partnership. A privilege extended to us as recognition for delivering high quality mobile and digital performance to our customers. This partnership allows us to deliver a range of unique and tailored business products that aren't available anywhere else on the market. It also allows us to offer O2 Business products in order to provide our customers with cutting edge and future proof technology.

At Livvys , we believe that your mobile solution will only be effective if it is backed up by good customer service. That’s why we are constantly investing in our dedicated account management team to offer you only the very best support for the O2 products that we recommend.

Get in touch with your account manager to discuss your business telecoms requirements.