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Checking in? Your data is not safe!


We firmly believe that communication is at the heart of every successful business. That’s why when you’re staying on business, hotel internet is a lifeline to keep the emails pinging and cogs turning with the rest of your company.

We’ve all connected to the wi-fi provided in hotels, it’s easy to access and work on. But did you know that it is prone to data security breaches? At Livvy’s, we recommend that you never use it.

Unlike the internet in your office which is secure to the outside world, when you connect in a hotel, all your corporate data is immediately unsecure, non-encrypted and leaves you susceptible to scams, hacks and malicious software attacks.

If your information is not encrypted, this puts any confidential company data and communications at risk of theft by hackers.

It is a growing problem and one that you should be cautious of the next time you check in. But there is a safe and equally convenient option that keeps you online and secure – Pop up Office by O2.
It’s a handy device that allows you to instantly create a portable 4G mobile hotspot for laptops, tablets and smartphones in the comfort of your hotel room.

The Pop up Office also allows up to 10 devices to seamlessly connect and access email, internet and business apps. Perfect if you’re working with the team in the hotel’s conference center.

The device itself is tiny, lightweight and fits in your briefcase. Simple to set up and boasts a 4G-ready connection which can be used by any device, whether they’re 4G compatible or not.

Not only can you use Pop up Office in hotels, but it lets you connect almost anywhere. Offering reliable service in places such as client’s offices, while you’re waiting for fixed infrastructure to be installed or in temporary shops.

The possibilities are endless! For more information on Pop up Office by O2 or if you’re concerned about your corporate data, talk to your Account Manager.