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BlackBerry Classic


It’s the powerful communication tool that many BlackBerry Bold and Curve users have been waiting for. The BlackBerry Classic brings back familiar QWERTY keys, a much loved trackpad and the high performance power of BlackBerry 10.

Developed on a renowned and secure operating system, with built-in protection against viruses, tampering and data leaks.

It is designed to be private by default, protecting you with encrypted email, web browsing and BBM. BlackBerry have listened closely to customers’ feedback to deliver a business phone you can trust with the power you can’t imagine.
Screen and battery
The BlackBerry Classic offers a form factor optimized for power communicators with a 3.5-inch touch screen display, 294 dpi HD resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for greater durability. The Classic also offers a large battery capacity up to 22 hours of power.

BlackBerry Browser
The BlackBerry 10 web browser is amazingly fast and astoundingly beautiful. Access online content as it was meant to be seen, faster than ever before and with unlimited browser tabs.

Keyboard and Trackpad
The infamous QWERTY keyboard is an iconic BlackBerry feature that users know and trust. Offering optimal speed and accuracy, the BlackBerry Classic’s QWERTY keyboard gives users the control and confidence to communicate quickly and clearly using one hand with a trackpad and classic navigation keys.