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FAQs n’ Forks


At the start of December, Livvy’s held the quarterly ‘Faqs n’ Forks’ roundtable dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Claridges restaurant. It was a chance for customers to eat, meet and discuss topics with Livvy’s Managing Director, Mark Bowman.

Mark kicked off the dinner with an overview on the current state of the Mobile Market, stating that over the next few years, it will change dramatically. In light of this, he outlined Livvy’s plan for 2013 as not to focus only on telephony as a core product, but to also offer more Value Added Services.
Oliver Crofton from Vigilante Bespoke (Livvy’s data security Partner) was also there, explaining the dangers of digital data in today’s world and also the advantages of data security and anti-hacking initiatives. Oliver also explained the benefits of a new security programme for Senior Staff in Organisations in the fight to keep data secure. Pushing essential, but often under appreciated, services such as additional security measures like MDM.
Mark explained that this, along with solid technical support and mobile strategy will become differentiators in the market.

Also at the dinner was BlackBerry representative, Andrew Tipton, who brought along a few top secret toys from the new BlackBerry 10 range. The lucky bunch at the dinner were given a hands on demo and allowed to play with the new devices. Richard Allgate, Sales Manager at Livvy’s even commented: “I think BlackBerry 10 will re-establish RIM as a key player within the Smartphone arena, it’s a game changer. For me, the stand out features were the touch screen predictive keyboard and the innovative camera functions”.

All in all, everyone agreed that it was a great evening, offering real food for thought. If you are interested in coming along to the next ‘Faqs n’ Forks’ dinner, talk to your Account Manager.